MCI – Ethical Guidlines

The mission and goal of MCI Miritz Citrus GmbH & Co. KG is the trading and processing of essential oils from citrus fruits for the production of natural flavors and fragrances.


In doing so, the following ethical principles are important to us:


Equal treatment of all people.

We would like to promote the individuality of our employees. At MCI, all employees have the same value, regardless of their background, religion, nationality, skin color or gender. We treat each other fairly and respectfully.

Health Protection

We reject the consumption and handling of drugs and other harmful substances. We take the health of the mind and body very seriously. Close collaboration with our company doctor is a matter of course. We promote sports activities of our employees. In addition, we attach great importance to a hygienic working environment.


We at MCI win our orders in a lawful manner. We reject any immoral behavior. Because we are convinced of our products and their quality.


Sustainability is firmly anchored in our entrepreneurial activities. Our energy policy is efficient and the protection of our environment is important to us as the Earth is the basis for future generations.

Working conditions

We offer our employees modern equipped workplace. Also, order and cleanliness is assigned a high priority. We strictly reject child labor. Inhumane and brutal treatment is strictly prohibited.

Fair renumeration

We observe compliance with legal requirements for pay and attach great importance to the observance of weekly working hours, breaks and rest periods.

We use an integrated management system to plan, organize, manage and control all operational value creation processes. By combining the areas of quality and food safety as well as environmental and occupational safety into one management system, resources are bundled and methodical synergies used, so that more efficient management becomes possible.

The management provides the means and information necessary for the maintenance and further development of the integrated management system.